janitorial cleaners in Portland, OR

The Top Process Janitors Use When Cleaning Their Sections

The job of a janitor is one that we take for granted and many misunderstand.  As a result, we don’t’ really take them seriously and take them for granted.  However, without a janitor, our spaces will quickly become overwhelmed with dirt and germs.  The only other solution is that we clean up after ourselves, which many don’t have the desire, time or skills to do.

To understand what a janitor does here is the process good janitorial cleaners in Portland, OR will go through to ensure that their sections and clean and ready for the next day’s use.

janitorial cleaners in Portland, OR

Remove trash

To get the ball rolling, it is a good idea that you walk through your entire section once and remove all the trash.  This means emptying trash cans, picking up items that are cluttering up the space and more.  Once we do this basic task, we can assess what other tasks will need to be done and can place them into our list based on priority.

Sweep floors

When we sweep the floors, we are picking up anything that we knocked down off of surfaces after our first pass.  Typically, what a good janitor will do is take all of the trash and dirt that is swept up on the floor and push it out into the halls.  Then when they go and sweep down the halls at the end of the night they can pick up everything in one swoop.

Arrange the rooms

Depending on the room or space that you are working with you can then go and start arranging the rooms.  This can be desks in a classroom, tables and chairs in an office or whatever. It doesn’t matter what the room is, the process will be the same.

Finally, do your final pass to make sure that you have picked up everything.  Then go down your halls and sweep up everything into a pile, pick it up, turn off the lights and go home.