That Sinking Feeling When Your Drain Does Not Want To Work

unclog a sink drain in Katy, TX

A poor old married woman, if she is still married to the old coot, sighs yet again. It is a case of; here we go again. The kitchen sink’s drain is blocked again. She remembers what went down the last time this happened. And yet still, she has no alternative but to plead with him. Go fix the sink’s drain already. And this time, please get it right. How to unclog a sink drain in Katy, TX is not exactly rocket science now is it?

Even so.

If this old lady really knows what is going on down there while her silly old husband is under the sink like that, she will not be asking him again. She will not even be asking him to dial the local plumber already because she probably knows that he’s still got his stubborn old pride. He would much rather risk flooding the kitchen floor in his vain attempt to unclog the sink drain. No, if this old lady is intuitive enough, she will be phoning the plumber herself.

Intuition. It is said that every woman, young or old, has that. And yet still, they do not always take advantage of it. Could it be that they would much rather utilize their other famous quality to make their men feel better? Love. Every woman has it. Lots. Lots more than men, apparently. But the world is also changing.

Perceptions are changing. Behavioral patterns are changing, all hopefully for the better. And the way the plumbing works is changing as well. It is become more streamlined but still sophisticated in the sense that it is more efficient in helping property owners and tenants to utilize their water more sparingly.